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I am a British/Brazilian business consultant, offering my services to international (and in particular British) businesses looking to invest in Brazil, one of the major 'BRIC' countries. I am also a freelance remote Portuguese & native English translator/interpreter, offering my quality skills and services at reasonable prices. Leave worry out of the equation by working with a true professional. 


I have experience working with clients such as Pentagram, CocaCola, Accenture and agencies such as Business Linguistics in the U.S.

Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

Avenida Paulista, São Paulo.


“Great work & great person!”

Monica, Business Linguistics, U.S.

“Very good translation work done by Dan and delivered with competence and speed. This work is important for professionals that search to be connected with the modern world as well as with people and businessmen/women from other countries, cultures and languages.”

Loir, Fitness Racing, Brazil.

“ I certainly recommend Dan as a translator. He helped me a lot with translating an article for a very famous journal in the Food Science and Technology area. On this occasion, the journal editor only suggested minor changes.”

Catie, Embrapa, Brazil.

Dan is an experienced translator and he was responsible for translating my fathers Memoirs from Portuguese to English.

His translation I then used as a basis to write the script for my feature film Red Trees.


Dan's use of language was poetic and sophisticated, having produced a very accurate translation of a piece that was rather

complex, at times highly subtle and others incredibly powerful. He did an incredible job at bringing together so many sentiments

and keeping the spirit of the original Memoirs.


Marina, Pentagram, London.


Committed to service



Portuguese: Na primavera, aprendi a fazer apitos e flautas de galhos de salgueiro que crescia abundante ao longo dos rios e cujas flores, parecidas com patas de gato, apareciam logo depois de derreter a neve. A época do ano para o corte era importante, pois os galhos tinham que estar cheios de seiva . Cortava-se um pedaço de uns 15 cm de comprimento e 1 de diâmetro e, batendo com o cabo do canivete na casca, separava-se a mesma do miolo. Feitas algumas incisões, o miolo era re-colocado no “tubo” formado pela casca. Um pedaço servia de bocal, outro tampava a extremidade do tubo formado pela casca. Uma boa flauta tinha que emitir um som puro e agudo,  similar à flauta doce, o qual durava enquanto a casca estava verde.

English: In the spring, I learnt how to make whistles and flutes from the branches of willow that grew abundantly along the river and whose flowers, similar to cat paws, appeared soon after the snow had melted. The time of year to was important for the cutting, as the branches had to be full of sap. I cut a piece of about 15cm in length and 1 in diameter and hitting the bark with the handle of the pocket knife, I separated it from its core. After some incisions, the core was placed back into the "tube" formed by the bark. One piece of the core served as the mouthpiece, another covered the end of the tube formed by the bark. A good flute had to emit a pure and high-pitched sound, similar to a wood pipe; it lasted as long as the bark was green.

Biblioteca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro.




I have been working as a consistent and trustworthy  freelance remote Portuguese/English translator since 2014. Mentored by the late Mark Carlyon, a respected Portuguese translator whose translations include the Penguin Classics book, The Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma by Lima Barreto.

Over the last four years I have had the pleasure of working with clients like Pentagram, Coca-Cola, Accenture in the UK & US. Embrapa in Brazil and  agencies like Business Linguistics, in the US. Establishing myself as an up and coming Portuguese to English translator (and sometimes English to Portuguese translator in collaboration with Portuguese native speakers).

More recently realising the benefit I could provide to aspiring investors looking to enter the Brazilian market; using my strong clientele of contacts in Brazil and my experience of British business, I have moved into consultancy services.


I have a 2:1 BA degree in International Relations (2010) from the University of Birmingham, UK. 

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Centro, Rio de Janeiro.









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Invest in a 'BRIC' country.


Looking for a consultant that can help you get a foothold for your company in Brazil. Well, look no further. Using my contacts and extensive knowledge of the Brazilian market I can set up meetings with with some of the biggest Brazilian companies or smaller start ups, all depending on your investment needs.  I specialise in particular in helping companies who want to invest in São Paulo,

Rio de Janeiro or Curitiba.

As well as setting up meetings, if desired I can be present at meetings to interpret.

Avenida Paulista, São Paulo.


When you're in need of a dependable Brazil consultant or translator,

don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact me today.


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UK number: (44)07251-063690